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An education platform providing investing and finance content to women globally.No question is a silly question. If you’re asking it, so is everyone else like you. So, get curious – ask away. Let’s get ahead of the curve.



- Warren Buffett
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The Curve is a platform for women to learn more about money. Their money. And the money they want to make, for the future they want to have. We know about the gender finance gap all too well. That’s why we’ve created The Curve – a safe space for women to get investment-savvy, without the noise and confusion. A place for women to learn about investing in a way that makes sense to them, and makes sense for their lifestyle. No question is a silly question. If you’re asking it, so is everyone else like you. So, get curious – ask away. Let’s get ahead of the curve.



Our in-person events are a great opportunity for like-minded women to get together and learn. You will hear from our Founder, Victoria Harris, and a range of other guest speakers on everything investing. Plus, it’s a great opportunity for you to ask all your burning investing questions….so come along!



Victoria Harris - Finance brains

Hi, I’m Victoria And Welcome To The Curve!

I'm a 30-something Kiwi with over ten years in the investment and finance industry. For almost the same amount of time, I’ve seen the women around me struggle with the confidence to build their finances.

The gender finance gap wasn’t the only issue. There was also a gap in the market for places for women to go to have simple conversations about money, and building the future they want.

The Curve aims to close that gap, bringing together smart, like-minded - but equally unique women - to talk and learn. As an investment manager and wealth management expert, my goal is to help women like you cut through the noise and find the knowledge to become more confident with their finances.

I'll be learning too; building on your feedback and experiences so that together we can build a platform where simple information flows, smart conversations are had and financial independence is gained.


SOPHIE HALLWRIGHT - Content creator

HI, I’M SOPHIE, AND JUST LIKE YOU, I'm learning about investing

I have worked as a producer for almost ten years - creating mainstream content that makes people laugh. About a year and a half ago I decided to leave my full time job and commit to making content that made a difference and hopefully affected the world in a more positive way. Content that makes people think, learn and change their perspectives on important issues. The finance literacy gap, and lack of support for women is one of those.

The nearer I got to 30, the more I realised how much of a 'blue job' money and finances were. It was a total blind spot - I honestly had no idea where to start. Although there had been a few conversations about investing between Vic & I, I still felt like there was an overwhelming amount to learn.

Vic has the finance brain, and I have the ability to create it into content - together we are a winning combination. My role is creating digestible and relatable content for The Curve. I feel so inspired to share Vic's knowledge and to be learning alongside you.



  • The Curve has been instrumental in me becoming more aware of my financial potential, and a driver in making informed decisions about investments I would have balked at six months ago. Money-making aside, I love The Curve for exposing me to a community of smart, engaging women who are equally supportive of each other’s financial education journey, as they are in having a wine and chat – a critical combo! Money should be fun and inspiring, and I credit The Curve to bringing that new perspective to my life.

    - Jessie Davis, Communication consultant

  • Investing is something I’ve never been overly familiar with. It can also be intimidating to know where to start or how it works, especially as there’s risk and money involved. Victoria’s first event at The Village was super informative as she covered the basics, key terms and tips on how to pick a winner. I highly recommend following The Curve and checking out the resources available online to stay in the loop and grow your knowledge on the industry.

    - Lucy Kirkwood, Founder and Creative Director of Friends of Friends Design

  • I was looking for a quick solution from someone trustworthy, with the right experience to break down the sometimes complicated world of investing. The Curve’s events and content was the perfect introduction for me. It was clear and concise and I’ve been able to apply this knowledge effectively.

    - Sarah Harris Gould, Mum and Co-Founder of Harris Tapper